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Q: Why is AYSO Region 51 so amazing?

A:  We have a wonderful group of volunteers who work very hard to keep our region running.

Q:  Just when I understood that “U” means if my child is in U-6 then they are 4 or 5.  Now it is changing to 6U, 8U etc.  What does 6U, 8U, 10U, (etc) mean?

A:   "U" still means under.  So, 6 and under play in 6U.  When you register, the system will put you in the correct age group.  U.S. Youth Soccer player initiatives now place players in divisions based on birth years.  For help understanding age groups please refer to the National AYSO site age guide.

Q:  Why aren’t there more referees at games?

A:  The hope is that every team will provide at least one referee for their team.  This is an all volunteer program so referees are simply parents who have taken the training to referee. If no parents from your team have volunteered to referee then it is probably the reason your child’s games are lacking referees.  Maybe you would consider refereeing.  All referee training is provided for free.  Games always go better when there is a referee to keep things fair and fun.  Go to our Volunteer page to see how you could get started.

Q:  Where does the money paid in fees go?

A:  We do everything we can to keep the fees minimal.  The is completely a volunteer run program, so all moneys go towards things that benefit our athletes.  Fees pay for supplemental insurance, uniforms, field rental, background checks on every volunteer, training, and equipment.  A copy of our budget is available upon request.

 Q:  Why can’t my child wear earrings or jewelry?

A:  This is a standard rule in all major soccer organizations.  It is not safe to the player or those around them.  It is not only a rule in our region but it is part of the contract that parents signed in order to register their child with AYSO.

Identification bracelets that identify safety issues for the child may be worn but they must be taped to the skin to prevent snagging.

There are no exceptions to the earring rule. The earrings must be removed.

Also, if earrings are worn AYSO insurance is void so the parent or guardian of an athlete wearing earrings is liable for any injuries caused by their earrings.

Q:  I just had my child’s ears pierced what can I do?

A:  The earrings have to be removed if the child wants to play or practice with AYSO.  They can choose to take them out or they can choose not to play.  A trick that may work is to remove the earring right before the game or practice and applying an ointment to the ear. Then return the earring right after the game or practice.

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